Our Lady of Akita – The Weeping Virgin Mary

In the early 20th century, pilgrims to the shrine of Our Lady of Akita in Japan were cured of various ailments by praying to the statue. But this miracle was not limited to Japan. In the United States, pilgrims flocked to the shrine of Our Lady of Akita after hearing stories about miraculous healings. In one story, a Korean woman named Theresa Chun was cured of a brain tumor after praying to the statue. This remarkable story was documented by Fr. Joseph Oh.

The message of Our Lady of Akita is very similar to that of Fatima in that it warns of the chastisement that will sweep the world, and it is worse than the annihilation of nations that was predicted at the apparitions at Fatima. Both messages are in accordance with the prophecies of Scripture. In 1973, Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa reported seeing the Virgin Mary in a cryptic vision. She also received a message that predicted sacerdotal persecution and heresy in the Catholic Church.

The first pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Akita took place on January 4, 1876. On that day, Bishop John Shojiro had authorized the veneration of the statue. Later on, Sr. Agnes found a bloody wound in the hand of the statue. She immediately dipped her hands in the water, and the statue began to weep. The statue, according to tradition, was the mother of Jesus.

During the same year, a wood sculptor in Akita City carved the statue. The statue was called the “weeping Virgin Mary” due to the tears flowing from her face. The tears began to flow on January 4, 1975. Later, tests were done to determine if the tears were of human origin or not. The statue continued to weep for several years until the year 1981. The statue was later removed, but its tears did not stop flowing.

Our Lady of Akita and Her Miracles

Many people have come to venerate Our Lady of Akita, and it is said that her statue can cure many maladies. However, the statue’s reputation has come under fire in recent decades. Many people are skeptical about the miracles she can perform, and many are not sure why she is the object of so much veneration. In this article, we’ll explore some of her most important miracles. You’ll learn why she is important to many people in this article, as well as a little bit about her background.

The third message was sent by Our Lady of Akita, Japan, on October 13, 1973. She warned that humanity will suffer a terrible punishment that will be far greater than any flood in history. The punishment will wipe out the faithful and the good, and the survivors will be desolate and envious of those who have perished. Thankfully, the apparition occurred just a decade after the Third Miracle of Fatima.

The message of Our Lady of Akita shares many similarities with the message of Fatima, which warned of an imminent worldwide chastisement. It is even more severe than the one that was predicted at Fatima, and its prophecy of sacerdotal persecution and heresy in the Catholic Church is consistent with Scripture. Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa, the nun who had received the apparitions in 1973, was the first to report them. Her reports of Marian’s apparitions emphasized the importance of prayer and penance, and the cryptic visions were believed to be her prophecy.

The third secret of Fatima is so shocking to the Satanic kingdom that it requires aggressive suppression. The Vatican has yet to release the final part of the secret, despite the urging of the Blessed Virgin. Several anonymous Vatican officials have falsely reported that the full third secret has already been released. The truth is far more complicated. In the first place, Fatima third secret warns that Satan will have the power to control even the popes.

The statue of Our Lady of Akita was carved in 1963 by a wood sculptor in Akita City. Many people have referred to her as the weeping Virgin Mary. The tears began flowing from the statue in 1975 and continued until 1981. In addition to the tears falling from the statue, scientists have even tested the cotton swabs that are used to wipe the tears away to determine whether they are truly human or not.

The nuns of the Seitai Hoshikai chapel in Akita, Japan, have a history of building temples and shrines. The building was completed in seven years, and the priests who built the chapel specialized in the construction of shrines and temples. The chapel was dedicated to the Mother of the Redeemer and Our Lady of Akita. It has two statues, the left one featuring Our Lady of Akita and the other to the right side.

In 1961, four teenage girls claimed to see Our Lady in a dream. The apparitions lasted for 45 minutes and involved sacrifices from priests. The Bishops of Garabandal were notified, and the statue was said to have been visited by Our Lady. In 2011, the statue was re-erected and the villagers believe that it is Our Lady who visited them. During that same period, three other girls also saw visions of Our Lady and said they had visions from a real angel.

The Akita Japan apparition confirmed the Third Secret of devil infiltration of the Catholic Church. In 1973, the Akita message was about the same thing. While the Vatican and other authorities did not formally recognize the apparitions as supernatural, the message of Our Lady of Akita remained intact. So, the question remains, how much of it is true? This article will shed some light on the mysteries of the Akita apparitions.

Many people claim to have witnessed Our Lady’s miracles, although no one can prove this fact. The statue was visited by over 2,000 people in three years, and it is believed that a miracle took place there. During the third event, the statue shed tears and blood. This miracle prompted many to question the authenticity of the statue. In the year 1973, Bishop Ito and the priest at Akita University conducted tests to determine whether or not it was human.

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